If you do not currently have a security system, we will design a new system to meet your needs at a competitive price.

If you have an older security system, we can provide an upgraded system, often for less than you are paying for your current system.

Whether we are protecting your business from burglary, robbery, or vandalism, Quality Security can design a complete system to address your needs. Our combined forty-five years of experience protecting businesses like yours gives us a unique level of insight and expertise to provide the right products for your company and assets.

We believe a fire alarm is the most important part of your property/asset and life safety protection plan. Quality Security provides businesses with several levels of fire alarm systems to meet employee, property, geographic, and architectural needs.

Local 24 Hour Central Monitoring Station
Installing a state of the art security system to protect your business is only as good as the monitoring service you choose. Quality Security will provide you with UL Listed monitoring, ensuring quick response for the highest level of protection.

Security / Fire Stations:

  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Panic alarms
  • Medical alarms
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 24-hour alarm monitoring
  • Cellular and Internet-based alarm transmission systems

Video Surveillance (CCTV)
For some businesses, video surveillance systems are a vital part of a synergistic security system. When securing vast properties and multiple entrances, or monitoring visitors and employees, CCTV systems provide a new level of security, monitoring multiple cameras from one or more dedicated or remote locations.


  • Black & white and color cameras
  • Infrared illuminators
  • Digital video recorders
  • Time-lapse recorders
  • Covert installations
  • Wireless & remote video transmission
  • Security consoles

Access Control
Rapidly becoming a business necessity, access control can be a flexible and secure method to restrict unwanted access, yet allow customized access to designated areas by time and date or, employee by employee.

Access Control Systems:

  • Card access
  • Keypad access
  • Gates